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November 17, 2023

Giving Thanks: A Look at Thanksgiving Traditions

There is something magical about Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that brings together family and friends, good food, and an opportunity to reflect on all the blessings in our lives. Growing up, Thanksgiving was always a special day in my family. It was a day full of traditions that we looked forward to every year. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate those traditions even more. In this post, I want to share some of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions and why they are so special to me.

The first tradition that comes to mind is the Thanksgiving feast. This meal is the centerpiece of the day, and it’s a time to gather around the table with loved ones and share a delicious meal. From the turkey to the stuffing to the pumpkin pie, each dish is a reminder of the love and care that went into preparing it. As we sit down to eat, we take a moment to give thanks for the food, for the people around the table, and for all the blessings in our lives.

Another tradition that I cherish is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As a kid, this was a highlight of the day. We would gather around the TV to watch the floats, the marching bands, and, of course, the big balloon characters. It was a way to connect with people all across the country who were also celebrating this special day.

A newer tradition that has emerged in recent years is the “Friendsgiving” celebration. This is a chance to gather with friends and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast together. It’s a way to bring people together who may not have family nearby or who simply want to expand their group of loved ones. Friendsgiving is a reminder that family is not just about relatives but also about the people we choose to surround ourselves with. One of my absolute favorite traditions is the post-dinner nap. After all the food has been eaten, and the dishes have been cleared, it’s time to relax. We curl up on the couch or in a comfy chair and let the tryptophan do its work. There’s something about this post-feast nap that feels so indulgent and satisfying. It’s a way to slow down and savor the moment.

As we approach Thanksgiving this year, I’m feeling particularly sentimental about these traditions. They remind me of the people I love, the memories we’ve shared, and the many blessings in my life. And if you’re like me and have accumulated a lot of Thanksgiving decorations over the years, a self storage unit can be a great option to clear out some clutter. It can give you the space you need to safely store your holiday items until next year’s celebration. Whatever your Thanksgiving traditions may be, I wish you a day filled with love, joy, and gratitude.

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